1. The Lowdown Behind Ultrasound Imaging Part 2

    When it comes time for expecting parents to see their child for the first time before birth, the excitement can appear palpable. Modern medical imaging provides mothers and fathers to be with an accurate, detailed image of their new miracle. The North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists is proud to provide Pittsburgh with ultrasound imaging that is both top-quality and affordable. In our last blog, we …Read More

  2. The Lowdown Behind Ultrasound Imaging Part 1

    When somebody envisions ultrasound services, they typically picture a pregnant woman lying beside her doctor with a screen portraying the early stages of a new life. While this stereotypical idea of ultrasound imaging happens to be the prime reason for use, it actually has other useful applications. As your Pittsburgh ultrasound specialists, we have the experience and know-how to provide accurate …Read More

  3. Learn More About Using an Ultrasound to Discover Your Baby’s Gender

    One of the happiest things we get to do in our North Pittsburgh ultrasound facility is showing expectant parents their growing baby. Ultrasounds are commonly used to give parents and doctors a peek inside the uterus at the growing baby, verifying that everything looks healthy and is progressing normally. While ultrasounds are primarily used as a means to diagnose any issues with mother or baby as …Read More