The Science Behind Your Pittsburgh MRI Scans Part 3

For many people, undergoing any sort of medical procedure can be nerve-wracking. The uncertainty of the procedure and the added uncertainty of what doctors may find is an unpleasant feeling. Here at North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists, we’ve heard it all and understand. There is a certain amount of mystery that surrounds magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services.

As your Pittsburgh MRI imaging specialists, NPIS strives to dispel any concerns that patients may hold about our services. Our last blog focused on the scientific functions that make MRI scans possible. Today, we’ll attempt to convey the simplicity and ease that our scans bring patients during their time here. Hopefully, it’ll succeed in comforting new patients as opposed to scaring them out of town!

Choosing The Methods

The negative stigma behind MRI imaging and claustrophobia typically derives from the older technology in the imaging realm. You could jokingly compare older imaging machines to medieval torture chambers! Laughter aside, though, it is important to tell our patients that we only perform closed MRI tests. What’s the difference, you may ask. Open MRI machines consist of the two large magnets on top and on bottom with an open, airy space in the middle for patients to rest on. The main purpose behind this design was to alleviate claustrophobia concerns raised by wary patients. The closed MRI, on the other hand, resembles the classic look with patient comfort factors included. Our machines look more like a tube with the magnets resting on an axle that can spin fully around the bed.

Why We Do Closed MRIs

North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists places a high priority on patient satisfaction, but we do not use open MRI machines. The reason for this is because the closed variety produces much more accurate images with more details compared to the alternatives. Our top priority is on offering the best care possible for our patients, so our imaging services have to be the absolute best. Our technicians will do everything they can to make the testing more pleasant, including things such as the required ear plugs for sound reduction and headphones for music enjoyment. All of our machines have windows so that patients can speak directly to our technologists. This way, people can receive guidance and comfort throughout the entire process.

The Experience

Upon being ready, patients are instructed to lay on the padded bed. Once everything is set and all parties are ready, the table will then slide into the tube that is designed to take your images. During the process, you will hear a number of strange noises which patients have described in a number of ways. The metallic grinding noises and power tool humming is all part of the process. Positioning the magnets, moving them, then taking the actual photos may generate plenty of noise. However, refinements in technology have led to somewhat quieter, smoother machines. Many patients who are prone to claustrophobia have reported being surprised by the ease and comfort of our MRI scans. Technology has produced wider, brighter, better-ventilated machines that reduce the anxiety of being in such a small, loud place. Our expert techs have the experience and skill to produce fast, efficient results in order to get you out of the tube and getting back to your normal life.

When all’s said and done, your MRI scan should be remembered as a speedy, interesting event in your life. As the premier Pittsburgh MRI team, we strive to ensure that each of our patients is treated as individuals and receive the best possible treatment. North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists works to reduce the anxiety often associated with imaging procedures. We provide a number of imaging services, from x-rays to ultrasounds. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your appointment with peace of mind!