The Lowdown Behind Ultrasound Imaging Part 2

When it comes time for expecting parents to see their child for the first time before birth, the excitement can appear palpable. Modern medical imaging provides mothers and fathers to be with an accurate, detailed image of their new miracle. The North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists is proud to provide Pittsburgh with ultrasound imaging that is both top-quality and affordable. In our last blog, we introduced several applications that our ultrasound services can be useful for. Today, we’ll discuss how sonograms work and the different types that are in use today. From baby imaging to therapeutic applications, this imaging procedure is both safe and wondrous!

How It All Works

The science behind ultrasound imaging is actually relatively simple. A machine is used that produces high-frequency sounds that bounce off of the various tissues and organs in the body, returning to a transducer wand and compares the signals. Subtle differences within the body will illuminate different shades, painting a comprehensive picture of what the want is currently hovering over. Unlike other medical imaging services, ultrasounds are a current photo of the focus area, providing real-time movements. Because of its method of imaging, ultrasound machines present a safe and painless option for patients. No preparations are needed before the procedure and no recovery time is needed.

Ultrasound Applications

While many people are confident in their knowledge of ultrasound imaging, many do not realize that there are three ways to view their baby:

  • 2 Dimensional. This is the classic ultrasound technique, where a black and white image is produced of the baby. This image, while informative and detailed, is limited to a flat picture.

  • 3 Dimensional. The increasing popularity of producing ultrasound images with three dimensions has made this action a common procedure. Essentially, multiple 2D images are spliced together to create depth, offering a more detailed image of your baby. This method offers better viewing of the child’s facial features, expressions, and so on.
  • 4 Dimensional. Science fiction comes to life with these images that are combined to create depth in an image while movement is also recorded. When combined, the result is a detailed video showing a baby’s movements. As opposed to the 2D method, this practice produces a detailed profile of yawning, stretching, and so on!

Why Use More Detailed Imaging?

While 3D and 4D imaging services are not typical, they are very handy for radiologists and doctors. Typically, these more advanced techniques will be used to take a closer look at possible physical abnormalities. If some health defect is present, proper steps can be taken in order to minimize the risk to both mother and child. However, 3D and 4D imaging can be completed upon request.

The science behind ultrasound imaging is both exciting and fascinating. Being able to view the body by using soundwaves is a safe and scientific procedure that can help a wide range of patients. North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists is your source for quality, affordable ultrasound services. We’ve been providing Pittsburgh with quality ultrasound work for more than a decade, and we’re ready to help you if need be. Contact us today to learn more about our team and to schedule your appointment today!