Questions To Ask Your Medical Imaging Services Provider Part 2

The process of obtaining diagnostic medical imaging can be a stressful experience, fraught with concern and uncertainty. Pennsylvania residents have a wide range of radiologists to choose from for their medical needs, many of which seem identical to one another. As Pittsburgh’s imaging services experts, we can help to assuage your fear and deliver a comforting experience. North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists is proud to offer affordable imaging to our patients that relies on quality and accuracy with each service. We’re proud to be a quality provider, yet we know that many citizens make the mistake of not doing research before making their first appointment. Today, we’ll look at a few more questions to ask your medical imaging service expert before signing up. When you’re ready, be sure to contact us to see how we compare to other providers.

Is Your Imaging Technology And Devices Up To Date?

While not necessary, this question is helpful for delivering a fuller picture of how the imaging facility operates. Older diagnostic imaging equipment can still produce detailed, accurate results. One follow-up question can relate to the status of your imaging provider’s equipment. Older machines that are maintained and updated should provide exactly what you you need. Newer devices can prove to be troublesome if the proper care is not taken on a regular basis.

Are Your Radiologists Available To Speak With My Doctor?

Having a radiologist review and interpret the results of your exam is a vital part of the imaging process. Some facilities will be able to offer you imaging services, yet their off-site radiologist is needed for review. This can occasionally result in having a radiologist that is not available or unable to discuss the results with your doctor. Our certified technicians and radiologists are here to provide the best experience possible for you, and our on-site experts are available to discuss all of the results with your physician for a timely outcome.


Will A Radiologist Be Available For Consultation?

As we have just mentioned, many facilities will offer services without their certified radiologist on-site. Radiology is a complex medical science, and many patients come in with questions and concerns. Our on-staff radiologists will be available to discuss the results before and after your exam. We pride ourselves on a personalized approach to medicine, putting the needs of the patient first.

Do You Offer Advanced Imaging Services?

Numerous facilities across the country will offer an affordable imaging service. It’s important to note that service is singular, and the facility may not offer more advanced technology for further imaging needs. If follow up appointments are required, patients will have to schedule another day to make the trip and possibly need to find an entirely different provider for said appointment. North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists is your all-in-one source for imaging, including MRIs, ultrasounds, CT scans, and X-rays. If you require a closer look at a section of the body, our certified radiologists will be able to perform the procedure in an accurate, affordable manner.

Diagnostic imaging can be a stressful experience. It’s important to interview and choose the perfect provider of imaging services in Pittsburgh. Our facility prides itself on caring, compassionate imaging that comes with knowledgeable experts who care. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.