The Lowdown Behind Ultrasound Imaging Part 1

When somebody envisions ultrasound services, they typically picture a pregnant woman lying beside her doctor with a screen portraying the early stages of a new life. While this stereotypical idea of ultrasound imaging happens to be the prime reason for use, it actually has other useful applications. As your Pittsburgh ultrasound specialists, we have the experience and know-how to provide accurate and affordable ultrasound results. North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists has been a top provider to Pennsylvania residents for years. We strive to exceed our patients’ expectations with our attention to detail and encouraging attitude. Today’s blog will focus on the uses and science behind this safe, accurate medical imaging service.

Uses For Ultrasound Imaging

Pregnancy. As we have covered thus far, ultrasound images are used in full with patients at various stages of pregnancy. Initial uses tend to be for determining a due date, checking for twins in gestation, and so on. As time passes, ultrasound services are done to check the health and development of the fetus. The gender of the child is often discovered during this process, much to the joy of exciting parents-to-be. It’s also a key procedure to check the position of the baby before delivery to avoid birthing complications. If you are pregnant, be prepared to become well acquainted with your doctor’s ultrasound machine!

Diagnostic Imaging. Your radiologist will be able to view and diagnose issues associated with most parts of the body. Soft tissues and organs can be accurately viewed during the ultrasound process in a precise, safe manner. People can benefit from this medical imaging when viewing the thyroid gland, eyes, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, uterus, and so on. Ultrasound imaging does produce a clear picture for dense bone structures and gaseous chambers, signifying that it is not a catch-all machine for all diagnostic purposes. However, the benefits of this technology cannot be denied. Being able to safely check for nodes, clots, and tumors is a valuable service that can catch many medical issues before they turn into emergencies!

Therapeutic Applications. For almost 70 years, physical therapists have been using ultrasound machines as a means of therapy for patients who suffer from a variety tissue problems. Essentially, machines are used to produce ultra-high energy sound waves to help reduce swelling and decrease pain levels in the affected area. Typically, a gel is used to promote even, steady dispersal of the sound waves in order to maximize positive results while negating the more negative effects of overuse. The accepted purpose of this machine is to increase blood flow, boost scar tissue breakdown, and relax the targeted tissues. All good things, all in a day’s work!

No matter the motivation behind you undergoing ultrasound services, it’s important to know that the procedure holds a plethora of benefits for a variety of uses. If you’re looking for a Pittsburgh ultrasound specialist, you’re in luck! North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists is here to provide a wide range of imaging services for our valued patients. With knowledgeable staff and affordable financing options, it’s too important to pass up. If you’re in need of ultrasound imaging services, feel free to contact us today to make an appointment!