Key Considerations For Pediatric Medical Imaging

When it comes to diagnostic imaging services, most children will be lucky enough to avoid being scanned. Beyond breaking a bone, most youths have the fortune of being healthy into adulthood, negating the need for an imaging specialist. Children who do require diagnostic medical imaging, however, will face a series of unique challenges for the patient, their parents, and the medical providers. North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists is proud to be your source of affordable medical imaging, providing results that are as cost-effective as they are accurate. We are proud to be Pittsburgh’s imaging service specialists, delivering much-needed results to each and every patient.

Today, we’ll look into a few considerations when it comes to pediatric imaging. If you and your little one are in need of such services, be sure to contact our experts today to schedule an appointment!


Balancing Risks And Benefits

For adults, the minute amount of radiation received from imaging services often far outweighs the risks of not doing so. Children, on the other hand, have a much lower tolerance for radiation and therefore require much closer attention to optimize the outcome. Often, diagnostic imaging is done with the mindset that the results can help to save the patient’s life, or at the least keep their health in a much better state. Our radiologists are trained in pediatric imaging, specializing in keeping the radiation levels to an absolute minimum. As Pennsylvania’s imaging specialists, we strive to enforce the best protocols and practices to keep everyone involved happy and healthy.

Communicating Effectively

Pediatric imaging is unique in that medical professionals will most likely be discussing the results of their exams with the parents, oftentimes not requiring patient input. As such, it’s vitally important that all parties involved are on the same page to ensure safe, effective patient care. Children often require additional planning and procedures, sometimes including tasks such as sedation. Clearly, your child is important to you, and our experts understand completely. Our care plan includes clear communication protocols to ensure that you are always kept in the loop on procedures and treatments at our facility. Our focus on professional care helps to lower costs and raise satisfaction rates, helping everyone involved!

Following Instructions And Cooperating

Whereas adults have the mental culpability to understand their situation, young children do not have the same luxury. From infants to school-agers, children present a variety of unique logistical challenges for radiologists everywhere. Being able to remain quiet, hold still, or hold your breath can prove to be a major challenge for kids. Our practice has the experience and skill to offer effective tactics to help maintain order long enough to gain accurate results. If the child moves and spoils the results, further imaging and radiation will be required. North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists is proud to offer effective care to minimize both the overall costs and health risks.

In rare cases where medical imaging is required for young children, numerous considerations need to be taken care of to optimize the outcome. As Pittsburgh’s imaging services experts, our radiologists are here and ready to provide fast, effective results for you and your child. If your little one is in need of diagnostic imaging, feel free to contact us today to set your appointment!