A Look At MRI Safety

When it comes to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), many people hold a few strong beliefs about its effectiveness. While some people are terrified of enclosed spaces, others fear the consequences of having a ferromagnetic material inside a giant magnet. As Pittsburgh’s MRI imaging experts, we understand the need for comprehensive safety measures in order to avoid any and all injuries. North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists is here to provide Pennsylvania residents with the highest quality MRI services possible. Our attention to detail and patient satisfaction helps us to be your source for Top Rated Local® medical imaging. Part of our attention to detail stems from the complete importance of safety. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at MRI safety and what can be done to minimize any possible risks. Our MRI services ensure that you’re receiving the best magnetic imaging possible!

Truth In Reporting

When your imaging specialist asks you to disclose the whereabouts of any ferromagnetic materials within your body, it truly is for everyone’s safety. It’s very important to disclose any and all pertinent information for this task. MRI machines use very power magnetics, meaning that anything that is metal can be pulled into the machine at high speeds and without warning. The following items can be hazardous if fed into an MRI machine:

Pacemakers. These machines are notorious for malfunctioning during MRI scans, typically causing harm to the patient wearing it.

Metal clips. Metal cranial clips are used to prevent bleeding from intracranial aneurysms in the skull. Activating a magnet near these tools can be very dangerous.

Ear implants. Metallic hearing devices should always be disclosed with your radiologist to avoid any future issues.

Insulin pumps. While externally observable, it can be important to remove your insulin pump before testing begins.

Catheters. If you are wearing a catheter during the time of your imaging service, it’s vital to report the equipment to avoid burns and injuries.

Bullets. While not a common issue, anyone with a bullet in their body can risk injury if the proper precautions are not taken.

Modern technology has helped to make many items perfectly safe within or near an MRI machine. It’s important to bring any and all pertinent information up to your radiologist to have them check to ensure optimal safety.

Safety In Operations

While there are inherent risks associated with MRI imaging, our staff will go through several checkpoints to ensure that no harm befalls our patients. Between our rigorous screening process and your medical history disclosure, there should be no issue in terms of safety. Our trained staff knows what to look for and how to check in case a patient does need specialty imaging services. We’ll also make sure that no possessions are left with the patient, ranging from spare change to hair clips. If all procedures are followed correctly, MRI imaging should be a quick, painless endeavor.

When it comes time to undergo MRI testing, many people can become nervous before the test occurs. Properly following procedures and discussing any unclear articles can help to make your service a quick, simple procedure. North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists offers comprehensive and affordable MRI services to ensure that everyone is well taken care of. If you’re looking for a Pittsburgh MRI specialist, feel free to contact us today to learn more about our services!