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In this blog, we’ll focus on providing relevant information about our Pittsburgh imaging services. Whether you’re seeking general industry news or special tips and advice, we’ll cover an array of articles here. For any of your Pittsburgh imaging services needs, contact us today.

  1. The Advantages Of Our Pittsburgh Pediatric Imaging Services

    Searching for answers when your little one is sick can be very frightening. From the whirlwind of radiologists and nursing staff coming in and out to the battery of tests and scans, diagnostic imaging for a child of any age can create a lot of anxiety. We understand the complex range of emotions during this time, and our local imaging center is here to help. North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists is…Read More

  2. Our Pittsburgh Imaging Center Offers Pediatric Imaging Services

    Going through diagnostic medical imaging operations can be a terrifying experience, especially when searching for possible bad news. Americans often report high levels of anxiety when undergoing imaging services for a wide range of reasons. When it comes to children, though, the process becomes more delicate. Modern medicine recognizes that kids are not adults, and therefore are not able to compre…Read More

  3. Have A High Deductible? Our Affordable Medical Imaging Services Can Help!

    In our modern society, it seems to be getting harder and hard for the average American to afford the rising costs of medical care. Inflating prices for medical products and services are on the rise, placing more pressure on both the insurance companies and the citizens they cover. One method that many employees utilize through their employer-sponsored program is a high-deductible plan. This choice…Read More

  4. Explaining What Fluoroscopy Is With Your Pittsburgh Imaging Experts Part 2

    Modern imaging services have come a long way since their humble beginnings, giving today’s radiologists a wide range of tools to help deliver a higher level of health care to their patients. From MRIs to CT scans and more, services such as diagnostic imaging are helpful in finding and diagnosing medical problems with precision. Medical imaging services are often lifesaving measures, helping to c…Read More

  5. Explaining What Fluoroscopy Is With Your Pittsburgh Imaging Experts Part 1

    In the world of medical and diagnostic imaging, medical professionals have a wide range of tools at their disposal to provide the best possible services to their patients. You have a variety of different methods available that can look inside the human body for a wide range of reasons. As Pittsburgh’s imaging service experts, our practice is here to provide affordable medical imaging to patients…Read More

  6. Diagnostic Imaging Services For Sports Injuries Part 3

    As the holiday season comes into full swing, many athletes are hard at work practicing their sport and honing their athletic prowess. One unfortunate consequence of sports and other athletic activities is the suffering of an injury. When you are afflicted with any degree of injury, it’s essential to take the proper steps to minimize the damage while optimizing recovery. Suffering a sprain, twist…Read More

  7. Diagnostic Imaging Services For Sports Injuries Part 2

    Sports are a great activity that pits individuals and teams against one another for the value of competition. Being able to fall back on your primitive drives and needs to be the best is enjoyable for all involved, from the players to the fans. One common issue that is inherent in sports is the inevitable injury. While our bodies are built to be tough, the fast and physical nature of many sporting…Read More

  8. Diagnostic Imaging Services For Sports Injuries Part 1

    As football season comes into full swing, athletes at all levels are pushing their limits to improve and enhance themselves. One area of athletics that is often unavoidable is injury. After an injury occurs, it’s vital to undergo diagnostic medical imaging in order to gain a complete picture of how serious the damages are. Pinpointing the problem area will help to illuminate the seriousness of t…Read More

  9. Key Considerations For Pediatric Medical Imaging

    When it comes to diagnostic imaging services, most children will be lucky enough to avoid being scanned. Beyond breaking a bone, most youths have the fortune of being healthy into adulthood, negating the need for an imaging specialist. Children who do require diagnostic medical imaging, however, will face a series of unique challenges for the patient, their parents, and the medical providers. Nort…Read More

  10. Questions To Ask Your Medical Imaging Services Provider Part 2

    The process of obtaining diagnostic medical imaging can be a stressful experience, fraught with concern and uncertainty. Pennsylvania residents have a wide range of radiologists to choose from for their medical needs, many of which seem identical to one another. As Pittsburgh’s imaging services experts, we can help to assuage your fear and deliver a comforting experience. North Pittsburgh Imagin…Read More