1. Diagnostic Imaging Services For Sports Injuries Part 1

    As football season comes into full swing, athletes at all levels are pushing their limits to improve and enhance themselves. One area of athletics that is often unavoidable is injury. After an injury occurs, it’s vital to undergo diagnostic medical imaging in order to gain a complete picture of how serious the damages are. Pinpointing the problem area will help to illuminate the seriousness of t…Read More

  2. Key Considerations For Pediatric Medical Imaging

    When it comes to diagnostic imaging services, most children will be lucky enough to avoid being scanned. Beyond breaking a bone, most youths have the fortune of being healthy into adulthood, negating the need for an imaging specialist. Children who do require diagnostic medical imaging, however, will face a series of unique challenges for the patient, their parents, and the medical providers. Nort…Read More

  3. Questions To Ask Your Medical Imaging Services Provider Part 2

    The process of obtaining diagnostic medical imaging can be a stressful experience, fraught with concern and uncertainty. Pennsylvania residents have a wide range of radiologists to choose from for their medical needs, many of which seem identical to one another. As Pittsburgh’s imaging services experts, we can help to assuage your fear and deliver a comforting experience. North Pittsburgh Imagin…Read More

  4. Questions To Ask Your Medical Imaging Services Provider Part 1

    When it comes to finding affordable medical imaging, many citizens will seek out the provider that offers the best rates. Pennsylvania is home to numerous medical and diagnostic imaging companies, many of whom offer very good rates. Finding the correct provider can be difficult, as choosing the wrong organization can cost you big, both in terms of finances and health concerns. North Pittsburgh Ima…Read More

  5. A History Of Radiology From Your Imaging Experts Part 3

    Throughout history, many grand inventions and developments have helped to shape our species and improve our civilization worldwide. One such industry that has vastly changed the field of medicine is radiology. This science of utilizing radiation in order to diagnose and treat diseases is an integral part of our modern medicine to produce many of the positive outcomes we expect today. As Pittsburgh…Read More

  6. A History Of Radiology From Your Imaging Experts Part 2

    For as long as we have possessed the ability to think and explore, humans have worked to learn how their bodies work. What the body holds and how it functions has motivated individuals to dedicate their entire lives to the study. Modern technology not only makes looking inward easy, but has now become a regular process for ensuring that all internal parts are as they should be. If you are here see…Read More

  7. A History Of Radiology From Your Imaging Experts Part 1

    Since we could first communicate, people have been obsessed with learning how the human body works. Simple curiosity paved the way for what we now know as diagnostic medical imaging. As a provider of Pittsburgh’s top imaging services, we understand how valuable these historical happenings are. North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists is proud to offer concise and affordable medical imaging to supply…Read More

  8. A Look At MRI Safety

    When it comes to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), many people hold a few strong beliefs about its effectiveness. While some people are terrified of enclosed spaces, others fear the consequences of having a ferromagnetic material inside a giant magnet. As Pittsburgh's MRI imaging experts, we understand the need for comprehensive safety measures in order to avoid any and all injuries. North Pittsbu…Read More

  9. The Lowdown Behind Ultrasound Imaging Part 2

    When it comes time for expecting parents to see their child for the first time before birth, the excitement can appear palpable. Modern medical imaging provides mothers and fathers to be with an accurate, detailed image of their new miracle. The North Pittsburgh Imaging Specialists is proud to provide Pittsburgh with ultrasound imaging that is both top-quality and affordable. In our last blog, we …Read More

  10. The Lowdown Behind Ultrasound Imaging Part 1

    When somebody envisions ultrasound services, they typically picture a pregnant woman lying beside her doctor with a screen portraying the early stages of a new life. While this stereotypical idea of ultrasound imaging happens to be the prime reason for use, it actually has other useful applications. As your Pittsburgh ultrasound specialists, we have the experience and know-how to provide accurate …Read More