One of the happiest things we get to do in our North Pittsburgh ultrasound facility is showing expectant parents their growing baby. Ultrasounds are commonly used to give parents and doctors a peek inside the uterus at the growing baby, verifying that everything looks healthy and is progressing normally. While ultrasounds are primarily used as a means to diagnose any issues with mother or baby as early as possible, they are also used to identify baby’s gender. After “Does everything look okay?” the most common question our technicians hear is “Can you tell if it’s a boy or a girl?” It’s one of our favorite questions to answer!

pittsburgh ultrasoundsLearning Your Baby’s Gender

How soon can you tell the gender?

The best time to take a peek at the gender is at about the halfway point of your pregnancy, so around the 20 week mark. It’s possible to check as early as 16 weeks, but it may be a less reliable guess. Remember, though, even at the 20-week mark, it might not be possible to guess the gender. A lot of it depends on baby’s position within your body!

How reliable is your guess about the gender?

Pretty reliable, but there are a number of factors involved. Your baby’s position inside your body and how far along you are in your pregnancy all play into how accurate our guess may be. However, recent studies have found that ultrasound technicians can accurately predict the gender of the baby about 98% of the time.

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